All on 4 Implants compared to dentures

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There are so many options for tooth replacement that it can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. How can you tell which option will work best for you? The answer will depend on many factors that you and your dentist should discuss when trying to develop a treatment plan. These factors can include your oral health to what options do insurance covers and more. Let’s take a look at one of those options All on 4 implants and compare it to dentures.

What exactly is an All on 4 implants? 

First, let’s examine dental implants. A dental implant is essentially a small titanium screw that is set into the jaw bone and this can completely replace a missing tooth. The screw will bond to the jaw bone and help prevent the jaw bone from decaying.

After the screw has been set, a crown is attached to give a highly realistic-looking and exceptionally functional prosthetic tooth. However, how can this work if you have more than one tooth missing or need a full mouth dental implant restoration?

That’s where All on 4 implants can come in. All on 4 implants use just for implants in the top or the bottom jaw to restore your smile. The full-arch implant can directly fuse to your jaw and strengthen them due to the titanium used in the implant. This means your implants can serve as a strong and dependable foundation for your teeth. The implant fuses to the jaw bone and this can help prevent bone loss. This will help you maintain your natural face shape as well as your oral health. All on 4 implants can quickly change your life by restoring your smile and teeth.

What are the advantages of All on 4 implants? 

All four implants are a perfect solution for people who need all or the majority of teeth in a jaw replaced. They can be used in either the upper or lower jaw. Unlike dentures that adhere to the gums using sticky and often messy types of cement and glues, All on 4 implants can replace an entire jaw of teeth with only four simple implants.

The number one benefit of All on 4 implants is how they can quickly restore your smile to its natural state. While they might require simple surgery for the implants to be installed they offer a long-term solution to missing teeth. Dentures may last only a few years at most while implants last some decades. Getting an All on 4 implants is about as close to getting a natural tooth back as you can get.

How much do All on 4 implants cost? 

The biggest factor that many people consider is the cost of a dental procedure. All on 4 implants are no exception. The cost of All on 4 implants has a variable amount based on the material that is used, and how much insurance will cover and even things like where you’re getting the surgery.

The materials used in all 4 implants vary from acrylic to composite and acrylic denture will typically cost between $20,000 to $30,000. You may need to go to more than one dental specialist for this procedure in that can increase the cost. Porcelain or composite Dentures will often cost about $5,000 more per job but look more realistic and last much longer. Remember that breaking a porcelain denture can cost you about $15,000.

There is a big upfront expense for getting All on 4 implants but insurance and discounts could apply helping reduce that cost. Also, your oral health is perhaps the biggest factor that determines our quality of life good oral health impacts everything from your brain to speaking to your diet practically everything. Being able to eat the foods you enjoy the ones that you love is important and can only be done with good oral health.

How are All on 4 implants installed? 

There’s nothing to be worried about when getting an implant for the first time. It’s important to get a good understanding of what the process is to help you soothe any fears and help you find questions that you might need to ask the dentist before the actual surgery takes place.

Generally, the procedure will begin with a consultation between you and the dentist in which you can address any fears and have any questions answered they might have about the procedure and the recovery.

During the actual procedure, your dentist will ensure that you are comfortable and administer either a local or general anesthesia. Then the dentist or the oral surgeon will make sure your mouth is ready for the implants. This could involve removing any remaining teeth that are failing or any disease that infected tissue from the jaw and gums.

Next comes the actual implantation process. Two titanium screws are inserted into the jaw bone with two toward the front of the mouth into toward the back so that the anchors can even lie carry the force of the Denture. After the implants have been placed your dentist will thoroughly clean the site and suture in the incisions heal them to be taken into a room to recover and relax while you wake up from the anesthesia.

Recovery time from All on 4 implants can range from 3 to 8 months but you should be functioning much sooner. 

This lengthy recovery time is because the implants are fusing to your bone and this will help promote stability from the ve.ry first day. Your dentist will prepare you for the recovery and you may need to meet for check-ups during that period.

How long can I trust my All on 4 Implant to last? 

Remember that All on 4 implants are made up of two parts the dental implant that is placed inside the job and the detachable denture that looks like a natural tooth and connects to the implant. 

A recent study demonstrated that over the past 10 years All on 4 implants are comparable or better than other implant Dental systems.

 The success rate for All on 4 implants in the first 5 years is 98% to 95% a patient’s not experiencing any dental implant failures. After 10 years, the survival rate of the implants was 95% is 94% of patients not experiencing any implant failure. This study demonstrates how reliable and stable All on 4 implants are.

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