Is Teeth Whitening Expensive?

teeth whitening

Teeth naturally discolor over time, but more and more Americans have become interested in getting their teeth whitened, and the market has responded with a proliferation of at-home teeth whitening kits. Professional treatments also exist and are often more effective and longer-lasting than an at-home kit. But the question remains, what does teeth whitening cost?

Let’s take a look at a number of options that you have to whiten your teeth and the cost associated with them.

At-Home Teeth Whitening vs In-Office Teeth Whitening

You have two main options when it comes to teeth whitening, doing it at home, or getting them professionally whitened.

At-Home Treatments

These products work by having a solution that contains a small percentage of hydrogen peroxide. You have a few options to choose from, from whitening toothpaste and rinses to whitening strips and gel trays.

At-home treatments have the following advantages:

  • Easy to do
  • Cost as little as a few dollars for a tube of whitening toothpaste
  • Convenient

They do have some disadvantages, however. They don’t last as long as professional treatments and may require repeated treatments to get the same level of brightness. They can also get very expensive with a good quality whitening gel & tray kit running close to or over $100. You’ll have to be consistent with the treatment, devoting at least 15 minutes each day to wearing the whitening strips or holding the whitening gel trays in your mouth. 

In-Office Treatments

In-office treatments have the advantage of showing dramatic results with as little as one 30 to 60-minute session. Dentists are able to whiten your teeth faster and more effectively because they are working with more powerful whitening agents. They have the skill and training to quickly whiten your teeth and give you that bright smile.

They can use trays filled with a whitening gel that is many times more powerful than at-home kits. They can also use a laser treatment, where the bleaching agent is applied to the teeth and then set with a bright light or laser. 

These treatments give you a whiter, brighter, and longer-lasting smile compared to at-home treatments which often fall short and require consistent and lengthy use.

Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost A lot?

Getting your teeth whitened at the dentist’s can be somewhat expensive. Generally, the treatment costs about $650 and can increase to close to $1000 depending on the treatment used and the cost of service. 

At-home kits can cost as little as $40, with custom gel trays from your dentist being $400 or less. The cost of these kits add up over time and require more time for their use, an often overlooked and hidden cost.

Professional teeth whitening may be expensive, but you are able to see the difference with just one treatment. Unlike spending months just to see a slight change in tooth color, professional treatments can get you the same or better result within just a few minutes.

Professional treatments take advantage of more powerful peroxides, giving them the edge over at-home treatments. Typically, at-home treatments only have 10% peroxide and professional treatments often contain between 25% to 40% peroxide.

Does Dental Insurance Help with the Teeth Whitening Cost?

Most dental insurances do not cover the cost of teeth whitening, but there are some plans that do include it. It is considered a cosmetic treatment. Your dentist will be able to work with you to set up a payment plan or even connect you with third party financing should you need it.

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