Our denture services are geared towards providing each patient with the maximum level of comfort. Our dentures are made to feel and look natural.

What are dentures?

Dentures are replacement teeth that can be removed with ease. They are designed to look natural. There are two kinds of dentures – full and partial.

People who do not have any or most of their teeth should be fitted with full dentures. They are placed in the mouth after gum tissue that surrounds the missing teeth has completely healed, a process which may take several months. They are provided right after the teeth have been removed. Adjustments may be needed in the first two months or so.

With partial dentures, the patient has a metal frame connected to his or her teeth in the spot where the permanent teeth should be. The dentures are connected to this frame. They are a removable alternative to bridges.

How can I know if I will benefit from dentures?

Dentures are not a good choice for everyone. If you have an interest in getting dentures and want to know more about them, you should schedule an appointment with us. We will happily answer questions and help to relieve your concerns. We can help you to decide on the best plan of action.

The Proper Care for Your Dentures

When someone has dentures, it is crucial to check on them on a daily basis. This ensures that they remain in good condition and that no bacteria develops around them.  When you put in your dentures, it is a good idea to stand over a sink or a towel, since they may drop.  It is possible to develop tartar and plaque around your dentures. This is why it is important to brush them daily. Use a brush that is soft, and with gentle scrubbing along the top of the dentures, you can clean them without harming the plastic.  Be sure to rinse your dentures after meals. They can be cleaned with dish or light hand soap. You can know that it is safe to use on dentures if you see an American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval on the product label.

Dentures must be kept wet when you are not wearing them. This is due to the fact that they can break, crack, or lose shape. Certain dentures should be placed in a special type of solution. Ask your dentist which type is the best for your particular dentures.  A soft brush is recommended for cleaning your tongue and gums on a daily basis.  In the event that your dentures break, reach out to us for an appointment right away. If they are not fixed quickly and in a proper manner, your gums and mouth in general can become irritated. Schedule dental check-ups every six months to keep a healthy smile.

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