8 Ways to Choose the Perfect Dentist


Finding the right dentist can be a difficult decision. How do you know they will be the right fit?  How do you know you can trust the dentist to be an expert in their field? These eight tips can help you choose the right dentist. If you have any questions give La Verne Dental & Implant, in La Verne, CA a call at (909) 596-1155 today.

  1. Gather Recommendations
    You can always start with getting recommendations from friends, neighbors, family and coworkers. You can even look at dental reviews online. Getting a wide perspective can be very helpful in finding exactly which dentists can work for you. You can make your decision confident that you have the right information. This will serve you well in having a successful experience with your new dentist.  Your general practitioner, or other doctor, may be able to recommend a dentist that they know. You can even speak to your current dentist if you are moving out of the area and they may know good recommendations.
  2. Ads and Social Media
    Advertisements and social media can be a surprisingly good way to find a good dentist. You can sometimes receive an ad in your postal mailbox, or your email. These can be an invaluable source of early research. Social media is a great way to gather reviews and customer reactions in a often more honest way than some other review sites. Just be sure to take a look at a wide variety of reviews, to keep a balanced view.
  3. Check their credentials
    You should always do your research and see which local dentists are members of professional associations. If you know that they are affiliated with a particular professional association, it will boost their credibility dramatically. Look for these associations including the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), the American Dental Association (ADA), or a state organization. The certificates are often prominently displayed in the office.
  4. Accessibility is crucial
    You need to be sure that you are going to have easy access to the location of the dentist, as you will want to be able to go to the dentist whenever you have an appointment without much inconvenience. For some that means choosing a location near your home, for others it can mean finding one close to work.  Search online and be sure to find one that offers appointments at convenient times for you. Do you need an office that is open on Saturdays, or open late? Ask these questions when you call the office.
  5. Know your benefits
    The dentist you can choose will often be restricted on your dental health coverage. If you are part of a dental HMO, you will limited to only dentists who are members of the network. If you are on a PPO plan, your co-payment levels will be affected by whether or not your dentists is in the network.,
  6. Schedule a Consultation
    This is perhaps the most important step you can take. When you have a few possible dentists in mind, schedule a consultation to get a feel of the practice. This allows you time to ask your questions and to get a sense of how they run their office You can ask what procedures they do in house and which require a specialist. You can see how early you need to make your appointments and learn the cancellation policy if they have any.
  7. Your Dentist is your Partner in your Oral Health
    Your dentist is somebody who will be an integral part of your health team. They will have an interest in your overall health and how your oral health is impacted by your dental health. They should be easy to communicate and will work with you to find the best treatment that will be right for your health and situation. You should never have to worry that you will not get the treatment you need or there will be any issues concerning what will happen there.

Be sure that your prospective dentist and the rest of their dental care team are fully aware of your concerns and anxieties you have about going to the dentist.

If you have any questions, give La Verne Dental & Implant in La Verne, CA a call at (909) 596-1155 today or request an appointment online.